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Capacity Building

How we can help you

Customized guidance when you need it

INFITX  supports your team with  Inclusive Instant Payment Scheme (IIPS) product expertise. From idea to production—and beyond, we enable you to design schemes and governance; align communities; design infrastructure and deployment; build technical support systems; extend system architecture; and build agility.

At INFITX we provide a variety of services designed to support an organization to build and/or enhance an Inclusive Instant Payment Scheme (IIPS). We offer a range of support from light touch advisory, to the full supportive package, to the comprehensive package for maximum impact. Our expertise includes scheme and governance design; infrastructure design, deployment, and support; system architecture, build, and validation.

The choice of engagement is yours. If you’re looking for direction, contact us to start a conversation today.

Meeting your needs – now and in the future

Whether you are intrigued and looking to understand more about IIPS and the advantages of using a Mojaloop Hub or have decided to embark on this journey, INFITX has the designed services to enable you to gain answers and build expertise in your own organizations.

Journey of building a Scheme

View the complex journey of building a Scheme and how and where we can support you in that journey.

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The services are designed in such a way that you will be ready when your program starts to achieve your goals. Pre-program, both business and technical, offers guidance and capacity-building capability that we have learned are essential to setting your scheme up for success. We are able to support your teams in the implementation program from kick-off to go-live should you require support and as a tailored option you can select and create comprehensive capacity building and support that short circuits the learning curve for the technical teams.

Pre Program Activities

Need help building capacity and orchestrating a community?

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Developing the Business Case

Need guidance scoping for success?

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Deploying an IIPS sandbox or POC

Bootstrap your technical team with knowledge transfer workshops

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Building the Hub

Let us help build capacity in your team

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Taking mojaloop into production

Let us help support your team’s delivery

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We can support you in a way that complements your organization and meets your needs.

INFITX offers different formats of support, as seen in the graphic below, with different service levels – basic and full program. These are available directly to any client as well as introductions to the Mojaloop Community and the Bootcamps and Hackathons that we support.

Advisory Workshops

2-3 day in-person workshops with follow-up and structured outcomes

With a preference to be in-person, our advisory workshops are designed to help new schemes benefit from years of experience in Inclusive Payments, Instant Payments, and Mojaloop to be able to make advised and timely decisions through collaborative engagement.

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Technical Knowledge Transfer Workshops

Pair programming-styled knowledge transfer workshops

Bootstrap your technical team with our technical knowledge transfer workshops. These workshops may span a number of weeks. They are an exchange of technical ideas between technical teams that includes presentations and Q&A, and then multiple remote pair programming-styled sessions.

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Mojaloop Community

Bootcamps &

As a leading collaborator in the Mojaloop Community, we offer support to activities run by the Community and its members as our contribution to outreach ensuring the growth of the community.

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We can support you in meeting a specific outcome. 
  • Are you selecting the initial use case while aligning with the regulator, and defining the business scope and the business plan?
  • Are you orchestrating participant alignment within a targeted business? 
  • Are you building your governance and participation models? 
  • Are you defining a reconciliation model while choosing a partner?
  • Are you building your hub and hub operations? 
  • Are you onboarding participants into your scheme? 
  • Are you applying for Regulatory Approval?
  • Are you preparing for your live production environment and support?

Or perhaps you need all of the above…….

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