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Open Lab for Mojaloop

Our instance of a Mojaloop Lab is available to support adopters and community members, anyone from developers to a digital financial service provider (DFSP) and their System Integrators, on their journey using Mojaloop. This offers the ability to prove new functionality before the additional complexity is introduced of creating a customizable sandbox for validation.

The Mojaloop Community supports numerous ways to interact with the Mojaloop API (see below). INFITX’s Open Lab for Mojaloop offerings become necessary when requirements move beyond API to a point where designs and tests require pre-product or production environments. The lab comes with the full security stack enabled, it has the portals pre-configured enabling management of Mojaloop, connected and on-boarded Payment Managers illustrating the DFSPs interaction, and a demonstration Testing Toolkit illustrating how the end Payer and Payee can interact. 

In line with the Mojaloop ethos of no-vendor lock-in, you can see the references below to open-source Mojaloop assets that are used to create this facility. This means that once you have built the necessary competencies, you can transfer the skills to your independently operated platform.

INFITX supports a number of LAB scenarios:

Thanks to the component-based implementation of Mojaloop, any deployed instance can be customized to meet specialized needs. For example, INFITX has the expertise to customize Mojaloop for implementations where a shared environment fails to meet the higher demands for the customized setup of Banks, NGOs, DFSPs, and Hub Operators. These Labs could allow partners to test their configurations to validate their system and service design assumption e interoperability with specific systems.

Contact us by filling out the form below if you are interested in a lab offering.

Mojaloop Community supported methods for interrogating the Mojaloop API

WHAT and HOW Mojaloop works is captured and defined in the Mojaloop family of APIs. Explore and learn Mojaloop by trying them out. These are the tools supported by the Mojaloop Community that enable just that.

  1. The INFITX hosted simulation lab. (The next version of this lab is under development and will be available soon. So watch this space.)
  2. The Mojaloop Testing Toolkit can be installed in a way that simulates a Mojaloop installation. 
  3. Payment Manager offers an on-premise deployment that runs Payment Manager with TTK as a Mojaloop simulator that is useful when interacting with Mojaloop as a DFSP.

At INFITX we have experience working with these quite generic tools, so please contact us if you require assistance or a level of customization.

Mojaloop Community supported methods for developers to run Mojaloop

If your desire for Mojaloop knowledge is more technical, then try running a cut-down version of Mojaloop Locally where the API can be called and the logs of the micro-services interrogated. The Mojaloop Community supports various ways of running Mojaloop locally.

  1. The Mojaloop Testing Harness runs components of Mojaloop locally using Docker Compose. 
  2. Mojaloop’s Mini-loop can run a cut-down Mojaloop on your local machine.

At INFITX we have experience running Mojaloop in a variety of ways, so please get in touch with us if you require assistance or need to customize a deployment.