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Developing the business case

Making initial decisions that support success

A scheme must be aligned with the regulator’s objectives, attract a wide range of participants by providing value when solving a market problem, and make business sense to all organizations involved in running the operations. Building the business case for the scheme involves aligning and engaging with a business community while choosing the initial use case and associated scope.

At INFITX we provide a variety of services to help and support organizations embarking on this journey.

  1. Regulator Alignment Workshop
    Early alignment with the regulator and their objectives will support obtaining a timely operational license and letter of no-objection. This is important as it de-risks the cost of delays.
  2. Governance Model Selection Workshop
    A good governance model for the scheme will anchor participation in the scheme, and ensure sustained innovation and relevance to the markets.
  3. Scheme Rules Workshop
    Understanding how to build a collaborative set of Scheme rules that encompass the demands and requirements of all participants as well as Regulators and other Stakeholders makes sure that reaching the end goal with a functional Scheme is much easier.
  4. Reconciliation Workshop
    Deciding on the mechanism and rules around pre-funding, settling between participants, and managing disputes is an important step that when defined provides confidence for participants transacting in the scheme. 
  5. Participant Alignment Workshop
    Ensuring a product market fit while building an initial, engaged, and supportive client base
  6. Scheme Business Case Workshop
    Establishing scheme credibility within the business and regulatory operational environments
  7. Product Use Case Engineering Workshop

Comprehensive Capacity Building

INFITX provides a variety of tailored services that support meeting a specific goal.

  1. Support the Regulatory Application
  2. Support running a Participation Council
  3. Support building the Scheme rules
  4. Support creating the Business Plan
  5. Support the Use-Case Design Specification
  6. Support the RBAC Design
  7. Support the Core-Connector Build team
  8. Support developing the Scheme Participant Validation Framework
  9. Support the custom configuration of the OSS IaC
  10. Provide L4 support
  11. Assessment – Technical Operations Audit
  12. Assessment – RBAC risk analysis
  13. Support the development of UI Micro-frontend Enhancements
  14. Support building a custom test framework
Program Implementation Support

INFITX has a variety of program implementation service offerings to help and support organizations embarking on this.

  1. Engaging delivery teams and structuring the program
  2. Agile Training Revisor Workshop
  3. Agile Training Intensive Workshop
  4. PI 1 Planning (repeated process throughout the delivery)
  5. Reporting and Communication (including updating at Mojaloop Community Meetings)

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