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building and validating the technical components

Completing the technical build and configuration of the hub so that it passes user acceptance testing for all participants. 

INFITX has a variety of technical support service offerings to help and support organizations embarking on this.

  1. Mojaloop Architecture and Infrastructure
    Get your technical team up to speed with the technology stack and components involved.
  2. Mojaloop Portals 
    Get your technical team using and extending or customizing the hub portals.
  3. Mojaloop Infrastructure as Code 
    Get your dev ops team up and running and take advantage of other community tools and efforts.
  4. L1 – L3 Technical Operations 
    Get a step on the Mojaloop technical support processes, but starting from other community members’ best practices.
  5. Mojaloop Security 
    Get your security experts up to speed on Mojaloops secure by design and distributed security model.
  6. Testing and Release 
    Get familiar with the existing testing strategies and testing tools so that they can be taken advantage of, and extended or customized to meet your project needs. Work with our release experts and design a release strategy for your scheme.

Comprehensive Capacity Building

INFITX provides a variety of tailored services that support meeting a specific goal.

  1. Support Mojaloop Training Cohort Management
  2. Interactive Panel discussions for MTP learners
  3. Support the RBAC Design
  4. Support the Core-Connector Build team
  5. Support the custom configuration of the OSS IaC
  6. Provide L4 support
  7. Assessment – Technical Operations Audit
  8. Assessment – RBAC risk analysis
  9. Support the development of UI Micro-frontend Enhancements
  10. Support building a custom test framework
Program Implementation Support

INFITX has a variety of program implementation service offerings to help and support organizations embarking on this.

  1. Engaging delivery teams and structuring the program
  2. Agile Training Revisor Workshop
  3. Agile Training Intensive Workshop
  4. PI 1 Planning (repeated process throughout the delivery)
  5. Reporting and Communication (including updating at Mojaloop Community Meetings)

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