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Deploying Mojaloop using IaC

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Mojaloop Infrastructure as Code

We’re excited to share the next entry in the “Mojaloop Infrastructure as Code” series, following our initial announcement.

This initial cut is presented as a video to provide immediate value for adopters, implementers, system integrators, and technical contributors on how to set up a Mojaloop deployment using Mojaloop IaC.

The video is very technical, has minimal edits, and is long! It is intended to be used as a side-by-side reference for someone building an environment using the Mojaloop open-sourced Infrastructure as Code. Let us know if an edited version and tutorial to make it easier to digest would be of interest to you?

This walk-through captures various aspects of IaC needed to deploy Mojaloop, the components, steps, and configuration.

The video starts by showing the setup and Bootstrap needed, the Gitlab part of bootstrap which involves configuring the deployment, and the pipelines with the CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous deployment) steps. Once the bootstrap actions are done, the video covers running the pipelines themselves. Using the pipelines we first set up the infrastructure and clusters needed and then deploy the Mojaloop services on top of that. Once the deployment is done, we can use the CI steps to run the various automated tests to confirm the successful deployment. The bootstrap element is where the community is going to work on to make the tenancy element cloud-agnostic so that it can be easily customized for deployment to any cloud platform such as specific on-prem deployment.

Enjoy (if that’s your thing) and let us know what you think, while we work on the next entry (and refine the video) and maybe, give it a try!

Please join our effort in the IaC Workstream if you are interested in deploying, enhancing the deployment of Mojaloop, or just helping improve documentation will be a huge contribution. And of course, supporting the evolution of the “bootstrap” to the on-prem/multi-cloud “control plane” solution.

Installation documentation:

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