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INFITX Announces it’s Capacity Building Offerings

At INFITX we are experts at supporting organizations involved in building Inclusive Instant Payment Systems (IIPS) and have over 100 years of industry knowledge and experience doing this. Draw on this experience to avoid common pitfalls and delays to fast-track your scheme to both short and long-term success. We offer a range of support from a light touch advisory, to the full supportive package, to the intensive package for maximum impact in the shortest possible time. Our expertise range from scheme and governance design to infrastructure design deployment and support to system architecture and build and validate. The choice of engagement is yours. If intrigued, Contact us further to start a conversation with us today.

INFITX’s Capacity Building offering has been designed to maximize our expertise and skill sets for the benefit of the client and the future of IIPS and RTPs.

  1. Technical Assistance – potential implementers of Mojaloop switch request assistance from our experienced teams in the following areas: 
    These are tailored to specific programs or projects as required
    1. Understanding Mojaloop 
    2. Tech Operations set up
    3. Business Operations set up
    4. IAC and Infra understanding and knowledge transfer
    5. Setting up a scheme
    6. Program work to implement a Mojaloop switch
  1. Service offerings – these are readily packaged resources that INFITX teams use to deliver a service to customers. The teams know the content, and understand what is required and how to deliver them. They are all documented and structured ready to be used. The INFTIX team is continually refining and improving the content with their vast experience in delivering IIPS and Mojaloop
    1. Getting Started
    2. Pre-program preparation – Orchestrating a Mojaloop Scheme Business Community
      1. Workshops on Understanding Mojaloop, IIPS, and Payments (Business stakeholder focused)
      2. Regulator Alignment 
      3. Setting up a scheme
      4. Involving potential participants (DFSPs)
      5. Tech Operations set up
      6. Business Operations set up
      7. IAC and Infra understanding and knowledge transfer
      8. Product – use case engineering
    3. Pre-program technical set-up workshops and knowledge transfer
      1. IAC and Infra understanding and knowledge transfer
      2. Mojaloop Training 
      3. Security
      4. Agile Delivery
    4. Program work to implement & Kick-off workshop
  2. Non-Mojaloop Offerings – there are a number of best practices that INFITX has deep knowledge and expertise in that transcend a specific switch. Our team has a number of offerings in this regard that are available to people and organizations that will enhance their understanding and capability in the Digital Payments field.
  3. INFITX workbench tool – Lab – INFITX offers a variety of support services for developers and interested parties to gain hands-on experience with Mojaloop. 

Visit to find out more. Contact us to chat with us about your specific needs and read our latest posts to gain insight into our world. We look forward to chatting with you.

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