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The Journey to a Mojaloop Scheme MVP

At INFITX we support the level-one principle that the Rails and Rules of an IIPS scheme are the places where organizations should collaborate. In support of this principle, we are involved in various Mojaloop Community work streams to help consolidate the expertise, experience, and knowledge of participants. The journey that one embarks on when building a scheme is one that we are assisting in defining and improving. Please contact us if you would like to be part of that collaboration.

Building an IIPS or Inclusive Instant Payment Scheme is multifaceted with multiple processes happening in parallel, which makes describing this journey difficult. The approach we have taken is to describe the same journey in four different ways from four different perspectives. Each perspective helps highlight aspects of the journey that are important. This blog post provides a summary of that journey. The full details of these journeys are available here

The Milestone – Goal Journey

The first view breaks down the journey into five stages and highlights the completed work items and milestones – goals that must be reached in each stage.

The Scheme Entities

The second view highlights the entities from a structural point of view. This view is important when defining the scope of each entity and how they interact in the scheme.

The Project Functional Journey

Our view shows the functional elements of the scheme against the time-based stages in the project. This view highlights when each functional element should start and the functional milestones that need to be reached in each stage.

Continuous delivery and improvement journey

This journey highlights how to continue this journey to evolve and expand on the use cases, and functionality delivered to enhance client value delivered and reduce costs. This is an important view when designing a scheme for long-term success.

Future Improvements

Understanding and describing the journey shares insights and provide a foundation on which to build and collaborate. Evolving Mojaloop through this collaboration ensures continued delivery of customer value and controls to ensure adherence to the level-one principles. 

Contact us if you wish to be part of this effort.

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