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Mojaloop Foundation Accelerator Program – Rwanda

In early January 2023 the Mojaloop Foundation ran a two-day initiation workshop in collaboration with AfricaNenda and RISA in Kigali. The workshops were attended by System Integrators in Rwanda, WiredIn, Orion Systems, and Mvend, as well as members of the RISA team, AfricaNenda, Mojaloop Foundation, and INFITX.  

As a Founder member of the Mojaloop Foundation, INFITX is proud to be a contributor to the content and to work with the team in ensuring that the foundation is laid for true collaboration and community involvement in building an ecosystem that is fluent in its understanding of Mojaloop. Our mission to enable financial inclusion through supporting the adoption of, and participation in, inclusive and instant payments systems can only be achieved by our collaborative and supportive experts participating in initiatives such as these.

Paul Baker, INFITX Engineering Manager, and Dr. Warren Carew, Head of INFITX, discussed the benefits of the open-source Payment Manager for the System Integrators. Sam Kummary, INFITX Program Manager, facilitated knowledge sharing on the basics of consuming Mojaloop APIs.

There were sessions with Tom Daly of Crosslake sharing Mini-Loop, Digital Frontiers, and the Mojaloop Foundation on Training Programs and Microsoft on native Mojaloop on Azure and including a demonstration of Mojaloop running Liquid Telecoms’ in-country instance of Azure Stack.

A full 2 days of knowledge sharing and step-by-step guides that had participants actively involved and asking many questions was enjoyed by all. INFITX knows that this is the start of a significant expansion of the Rwandan payments landscape and we are delighted to be at the cutting edge of facilitating this development. As collaborators and observers of the growth of these opportunities, we are proud pioneering team members.