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From Zero to Hero – a Mojaloop Operations Success Story

From Zero to Hero with INFITX is the story of the success of our partner Thitsawork in becoming Mojaloop Hub Operator and Payment Manager Provider for the WynePay Scheme by following the INFITX guidelines and training program. The INFTIX service offerings encompass this work as part of the ‘Setting up for Go-live’ stream and as a follow on to the Technical Operations Workshop in building the Hub.

INFITX has developed a training program that helps its customers to rapidly become a Mojaloop Hub Operator and Payment Manager Provider, allowing them to perform not only a variety of standard duties and associated responsibilities but also to do critical troubleshooting and DFSP onboarding.

Our training program is customized to meet the need of the specific implementation ensuring that the newly constituted team is competent and confident and can scale out its Hub as it grows.

The INFITX Hub Operator training program is multifaceted and includes a period of transitional support that builds the team’s confidence as well as combined value add services of enabling automated health checks and daily monitoring alerts which relieve the operations team burden.

Standard Operating Procedures designed, developed, and implemented by INFITX aim to provide the Hub Operator with the set of tools to succeed. By definition, a standard operating procedure is a set of written instructions that describes the step-by-step process that must be taken to properly perform a routine activity. SOPs should be followed the exact same way every time to guarantee that the organization remains consistent and in compliance with industry regulations and business standards obtaining the same warranty result each time.

The Hub Operator training program is accomplished in 6 separate phases described below, 1 to 2 weeks per aspect 

  1. Building the basis. The Hub Operator learns how to provision a tenant, deploy Environments on the tenant and deploy Payment Manager instances.
  2. Granting access. Learning how to grant all the access required on the Hub and Payment Manager side.
  3. Participant Management. How to onboard new Payment Managers and Renew Certificates.
  4. Payment Manager Management. Learn how to enable and disable: whitelisting, public signed certificates, IPSec site-to-site VPN, public publishing core, Mojaloop connector API, and log retention
  5. Resilience. How to vertically scale hub and payment management worker nodes, replace worker nodes, incrementing the log retention volume size, and clean and redo the Payment Manager onboarding. Enabling Hibernation on lower environments to save costs is a plus.
  6. Decommissioning. Learning how to safely decommission Payment Manager instances, hub environments, and tenants

INFITX is proud to have played such an instrumental role in this success story and to have developed a training program that is proven to deliver. 

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