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Which Kubernetes Distribution should one use?

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Tales of the Mojaloop Design Authority

An interesting question was raised at the first MDA’s convening of 2023… Which Kubernetes Distribution or Flavour should the Mojaloop Community support? (see Issue 93) The Mojaloop Design Authority (MDA) unanimously agreed that no specific distribution should be selected, but rather the latest supported version of Kubernetes running on a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)… Read More »Which Kubernetes Distribution should one use?

Mojaloop Foundation Accelerator Program – Rwanda

In early January 2023 the Mojaloop Foundation ran a two-day initiation workshop in collaboration with AfricaNenda and RISA in Kigali. The workshops were attended by System Integrators in Rwanda, WiredIn, Orion Systems, and Mvend, as well as members of the RISA team, AfricaNenda, Mojaloop Foundation, and INFITX.   As a Founder member of the Mojaloop Foundation,… Read More »Mojaloop Foundation Accelerator Program – Rwanda

INFITX Announces it’s Capacity Building Offerings

At INFITX we are experts at supporting organizations involved in building Inclusive Instant Payment Systems (IIPS) and have over 100 years of industry knowledge and experience doing this. Draw on this experience to avoid common pitfalls and delays to fast-track your scheme to both short and long-term success. We offer a range of support from… Read More »INFITX Announces it’s Capacity Building Offerings

Addressing the challenges for Mojaloop On-Premise Deployments

Considering an on-premise deployment of Mojaloop? Data Sovereignty and legal boundaries coupled with a lack of in-country cloud hosting options sometimes mean that an on-premise hosted solution is the best option to meet the requirements of certain jurisdictions. The majority of Mojaloop deployments to date have been cloud-based. There is a good reason for this… Read More »Addressing the challenges for Mojaloop On-Premise Deployments